John Thomas Financial, which is an autonomous banking-investment firm, situated in the financial district of New York City recently announced that Thomas Belesis, who is the CEO of the company, has also been appointed as New York State Republican Finance Committee’s Co-Chairman. It was on the 29th of June, 2011 that Belesis name was announced for the Co-Chairman post, at a Finance Committee’s meeting, which was held in New York’s The Harvard Club and was hosted by Ed Cox, who is the Chairman of State GOP.

Thomas Belesis was one of the main supporters of the efforts of State Party during the 2010 election. He was also an active backer of the Republican National Committee during the previous election cycle. At present he will be performing along with the new Chairman of State Finance, Matthew Mellon, who belongs to the banking families of Drexel and Mellon. Matthew is also the co-developer of the famous brand Jimmy Choo, which manufactures clothing, accessories and shoe and also one of the founders of Hanley Mellon.

Accompanied by other Finance Committee members, Thomas Belesis has resolved to support the government reforms initiated by the State GOP, which will assist in reconstructing New York’s influential business engine as well as create more jobs. In the year 2009, he was awarded the Man of the Year award by Rudy Giuliani, who is the ex-Mayor of the New York City. In a statement Belesis stated that he is grateful for getting the opportunity to work for the New York State Republican Party. He also said that he is eagerly looking forward to work with Mr. Mellon, Ed Cox, as well as the other Committee members to give New Yorkers a more responsible government.

Thomas Belesis has knowledge and experience of more than 15 years in the field of finance. It was in 2007 he founded the company John Thomas Financial. In the beginning it is just a boutique firm but later the company turned into an international financial organization under the leadership of Belesis. At present the company has its headquarters in the famous Wall Street and it offers an extensive range of services like investment banking, retail brokerage, personal wealth managing services and corporate advisory. Belesis presently is also one of the directors of the United Nations’ World Energy Forum. He regularly makes appearance on various business news programs like CNBC and Fox Business News as a guest to share his valuable perception regarding economic, energy and financial issues.

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Many people only came to know him through his multi-million financial firm that was founded in the year 2007. However, apart from being the CEO of the world’s popular financial firm-John Thomas financial- Thomas Belesis has other great achievements. He has become a symbol of success in the world, and many young investors envy him a lot. They see him as somebody who works hard to beat all odds. One of the reasons why he has become a good role model to many people is because he has managed grow his financial company from a two-person brokerage firm to over three hundred employee firm. This financial company offers a wide range of financial products and services including corporate advisory, retail brokerage, wealth management, and investment banking services. Due to his extreme popularity, most young investors are daily searching for more information about him. This article therefore seeks to provide you with important details about Thomas so that you can continue being inspired.

It is understood that Thomas Belesis has won several excellent awards from various financial and online communities. He also prides in having received various accolades for his great contribution in bringing financial freedom to the world. Many organizations including the non-governmental organizations are willing to bestow Thomas the accolades that are due to him. To many, he surely deserves the popularity especially due to the various achievements that he has so far made in his career as a financial advisor. He offers advice on financial matters on various leading news channels including Fox news. If you really want advice on macroeconomic trends as well as the economic policies, then Thomas is the man to listen to. It is also of importance to note that Thomas is a member of numerous non-profit organizations. Most of these associations are mainly involved in doing charitable work. Among these associations is the world’s popular Greek American Foundation. This shows how much Thomas is concerned about the welfare of the whole community.

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